SEEKARTE Kapitän August Dammeyer GmbH & Co. KG

Safe navigation results in precise and updated nautical-hydrographical data and its availablity on board.

For over 10 decades our enterprise offers support to crews and shipowners.

Major hydrographic organizations - like the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office - have nominated us as official distributor for their data.

An example is the Admiralty Vector Chart Service - with over 18,000 Electonic Navigational Charts which offers worldwide coverage.

That superpool of data is accompanied by List of Lights and Radio Signals, tide informations and Sailing Directions to mention a few navigation aids - for all oceans.

We support other maritime organizations like the International Maritime Organization which offers a wide range of digital and printed publications for the seafarer. The products of I.C. Brindle, the ITU/UIT, OCIMF, US-Coast Guard, Witherby and others are available here as well.

Digital libraries - like Regs4Ships of OneOcean - weather and routeing data services - to mention a few - are examples of useful service amendments.

The full support - permit transmission, licence management and physical handling of printed charts and printed publictions with the option to dispatch to worldwide destinations - is covered by our attention.

Our team of experienced specialists safeguards execution of your orders for digital and physical products and services and provides for the best level of safe navigation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service,